Saturday, 12 July 2014

Pop art/comic book makeup

I decided to do a pop art/comic book themed makeup tutorial.
I have done this once before and on a first try it turned out actually really good. I will go through the steps to achieve this look.
Side note, obviously this is something for a fancy dress or themed party, this isn't for a everyday look.
Start off with a clean bare face, tie hair back off face as you don't really want any face paints getting in your hair.

I start off by using white face paint, I simply just get a sponge slightly dip it in some water and then apply face paint to the sponge and directly onto the entire face. Make sure to blend into hairline and ears. When you've achieved the ghost look get a small paint brush and fill in the eyebrows with black face paint, you'll want to make these slightly more dramatic than normal. You'll then need to outline a few facial features such as, two lines between eyebrows, a thin line down the bridge of the noes, curved line around nostrils, outline the lips, draw a curve over the crease of the chin. Then outline all around the hairline, inside and around ears and jawline.
You will look very creepy to start off with, as I did here.

After you've outlined some of the facial features you're now going to get the end of a brush, dip it into red face paint and dot in lines to cover entire face, you do not need to cover eyelids in dots.
This stage may take a while, patience is key.

After this stage is complete, sticking with red, simply fill in the lips but try and leave a little space to fill in with white.
Next the eyes, you're going to want to use liquid eyeliner to line the top lid with the cat eye style. For eye shadow you're going to want to use a block colour. Apply liner to the water line also.
Lastly apply black mascara to open the eyes a bit more. If you're feeling really adventurous add false lashes for a bigger bolder look.
So there you go, thus is how you achieve the pop art/comic book style look.
Hope this was in anyway interesting and helpful. Please also let me know if you wanna see me do a video tutorial of this.
Charlotte xX


  1. Hi, from instagram. Great blog keep up the good work. By the way how to you get people to view and comment on your blog?

    1. Aww thank you so much!
      Umm I guess I just share my blog and ask people to give it a little read, but I have no idea how to get people to comment!? I think if someone is really interested in your blog posts they will leave comments. Just takes time hun :) x