Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Guilty Pleasures

Everyone has their own guilty pleasures, so today I am going to share with you my probably very sad and cringey guilty pleasures, so enjoy!
For anyone who doesnt know what guilty pleasures are, they are basically things that you like that you really know you shouldn't
I'm gonna kick off with

  • Robbie Williams, I have no idea why I like this guy so much, I just really love his old songs such as millennium and feel. Also when I was younger I used to tell people at school that I was related to him! (I was a cool kid)

  • This is super sad and cringey that I have this but my 1D pillow, yes pillow! In it's defense, its really squishy and soft it just so happens to have 'the boys' on it, but I love it.

  • Because my life is so wild and crazy, I love to watch 'This Morning' funniest bits with Phil and Holly on YouTube, I just think these two are hilarious together!

  • Highschool Musical, I like all 3 of these bad boys, I really shouldn't but c'mon the songs are really catchy and Zac Effron is not harsh on the eyes.

  • This is going to sound weird but listening to someone talk with an accent. Literally if anyone one has a nice accent, I will happily sit for hours just listening to you say words, I find this really interesting, my favorite accents are New Zealand, South African, Canadian & Australian.

  • Old 90's music, its really cheesey but there is nothing wrong with banging on some spice girls from time to time, I'm not even guilty about this, it brightens up any day!

  • Crime!! I know this is a little strange but I really love street crime like fights or minor car crash's, I used to want to be a police woman because I loved the crime, thought it was such a rush and very exciting.

  • Old Disney Channel shows, like Lizzie Mcguire, That's so Raven, The Proud Family and The Suit Life Of Zack & Cody, what happened to Disney used to be cool. I also miss the original films, like the Cheetah Girls and Jump In

  • Made In Chelsea (MIC) I am a huge fan of reality TV shows, but am so addicted to MIC its not even funny! My favorites are Spencer cause he's gorgeous!!! Mark Francis and Binky

  • My last guilty pleasure is watching The Jeremy Kyle show, I think this show is so funny to watch its ridiculous, this may sound a bit mean but watching the woman that come on the show really make me feel better about my life!

So that's just some of my guilty pleasures, I hope you enjoyed reading this and would love to hear about your guilty pleasures! Be sure to comment to let me know your thoughts!
Charlotte xX

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

What's In My Makeup Bag? (Essentials)

Everyone likes being nosy, no matter how much you deny it, be it eavesdropping on someone's conversation, peeping into the hot boys window next door to simply just have a nose in what someone bought or own. We love to have a sneak peak into someone's life, so I am going to share with you today what is in my makeup bag.
First off here is my makeup bag, this is what it looks like.

 It is by Louis Vuitton. I have had this bag for a very long time now and I think I am in need of a new one (one day) I love the size of this one as I like to pop my essentials in and then throw it in my handbag, without it taking up the entire bag!

Opening up my makeup bag my first item is
I am using the L'Oreal Infallible 24H foundation in Natural Rose 125.
I really love L'Oreal foundations, they have a wide selection of shades and I'm really enjoying the coverage and the way it sits on my face. I think the smell of it is lush, I don't know why I like it so much.

By NYC called Sky Rise this is just a standard mascara, there's not much to complain about its quick and easy to apply, has a long wand and is quite slim.

By Essence called Stay Natural in the shade natural nude 03. I'm going to be perfectly honest, this is not the beat concealer I have used, but its cheap & cheerful, does the job in tricky situations.

Liquid Eyeliner
I like to carry around liquid eyeliner just in case of last minute/unexpected events such as a party or dinner/lunch date. (I don't normally wear liquid eyeliner on a everyday basis) so I find that if I have to go somewhere I like to put this on so it looks like I made a bit of an effort! I am using Maybelline Master Duo Liquid Liner

Eye Shadow
I have the NYC HD Color, there are four colors in this little pallet. I liked this pallet because they are quite natural & basic shades. I like to bring this for a quick touch up on the eyes or brows. I use the brown mixed with the color next to it to fill in my eyebrows.

In then have Me Me Me Flawless Loose Powder this is great to have around for setting my foundation and keeping it in place. Also great for fighting back any oiliness.
This is a really good loose powder to have!

Lastly I bring 3 brushes with me. The first brush is my Bellium Tools 781 eye shadow brush.

Secondly my Bare Essentials Flawless Face brush

Finally my angled brush by Eco Tools. I use this for my brows and to apply eye shadow on my water line.

So there you have it folks, its all a bit of a squeeze but there's an insider on what's in my makeup bag.
Please let me know what's in your makeup bag??
Hope you enjoyed this
Charlotte xX

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Body Lotions

I am going to do a little body lotion review. This is only going to be a short one as I am only reviewing 3 lotions.
I am going to start off with
Yes To Carrots body butter. This is 'C Through The Dry Spell Deliciously Rich Body Butter'
I used to be OBSESSED with Yes To products, they are awesome because all the ingredients are natural, this is blended with carrot seed oil, has carrot juice, pumpkin, sweet potato and dead sea mud all crammed into one pot, which is bloody fantastic! This is really great for anyone suffering with dry skin, it keeps your skin moisturized for ages. The smell of it may not be everyone's cup of tea but I think it just smells really creamy and slightly sweet, it's a natural non chemically smell.

Secondly I have these two gems from a brand called Ginger & Co. I think they are quite a unknown brand but I thought I'd give them a go!
First I have this body lotion, it's called 'Soft On You Daily Lotion' it does make my skin really soft. The smell of this reminds me of Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash. It contains mallow, lemon balm and rose. The product packaging is in a 1950's style which I think adds a nice touch. I like how it feels on my skin as it's not too oily and takes seconds to absorb, it also leaves my skin smelling delicious!

I then got their hand cream called 'Hand It To Me Dreamy HandCream' it again has the same scent as the body lotion. This really keeps my hands soft and hydrated all day long. I feel it is very important to regularly moisturize hands as you are constantly using your hands all day, everyday and they can get dry,sore and damaged so pampering them from time to time is wonderful as they will definitely thank you for it!
Side note: The one thing I loved that is written on the tube is this 'every boy in the town will want to hold your hand' I just thought this was really sweet!

Let me know if you have ever tried these, and what your thoughts are in them!
Charlotte xX

Friday, 18 July 2014

My Nightly Routine

Hey everyone,
Today I am going to go through my nightly face routine for all that may be interested in what I clean my face with. Side note, I also do this every morning. 

To start off I like to cleanse my face. I like to use Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm. I slightly wet my skin beforehand then I apply the cleanser to my face and neck in a circular motion. I then use cotton wool balls soaked in water to rince off.
Anyone who has never heard of Elemis it is a British spa and skincare brand. If you're interested click the link below to check out their site.

I then either pat dry my skin or leave it to dry naturally. Once dry I will quickly take a cotton ball and use Darphin Micellar water on my face and neck. This stuff is really good as it not only neutralizes the bad effects of tap water but also remove a any dirt that may still be lying on the skin in a gentle matter.

After this step is done I will tone my face and neck again with cotton balls. I like to switch my toners now and again so I like to either use Darphin Purifying Toner or Elemis Soothing Apricot Toner.

Lastly I apply moisturizer, I use Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream.
This leaves my skin feeling soft, clean and looking radiant.

And that sums it up for my daily face routine,
Hope you enjoyed, if so don't be afraid to leave a comment

Charlotte xX

Must Haves ~ Collab

Hi there,
Today I have teamed up with the amazing and gorgeous 'a touch of everything' whose blog I will link below! We've decided to do 'My Top 10 Must Haves' collab. I am very excited to do this as it is my first collab, so I'm just going to get stuck in!

  1. The Righteous Butter by Soap & Glory.
    I can not stress enough on how much I love this body butter. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and smelling AMAZING!

  2. Kimono's
    I am loving these at the moment they are a serious must have for the summer.
  3. Instagram
    Right now I am super addicted to Instagram, I will be on it from the moment I open my eyes to the moment they close. I have two Instagram accounts, my personal one and my new one I just made for my blog & YouTube. So do give us a follow, links left below!

  4. My sunnies
    If it is a nice sunny day I simply can not go anywhere without them! My day is literally ruined if I forget them, as I am prone to headaches from the sun!

  5. Bronzer
    For all that know me, you will know that bronzer is my second love I can not go without!
  6. Brows
    My first love are my eyebrows. I like to keep them intact. I literally can't leave the house if my eyebrows aren't filled in or tweezed. My must have tweezers are these from tweezerman.

  7.  Perfume
    Another must have or mine is Chanel Chance perfume. This smells unreal, it has always been one of my faves but sadley I am running dangerously low! Saving the last spray for something special!

    This wow! DO YOU WANNA BUILD A SNOWMAN!? I am totally in love with this. I secretly feel like I am Elsa!
  9.  TUC Crackers
    These are my life right now, I must have a packet of these in my cupboards or else I will go crackers! Ha....ha...I'm so 'punny'....get it?!? Ahem..okay moving on swiftly

  10.  Spotify
    Last but not least my 10th must have is my Spotify playlists. They just cheer me up and take my mind off things. I will link my Spotify if anyone is interested to what I'm listening to!

So there you have it, these are my Top 10 Must Haves.
Please go check out 
A Touch Of Everything for her Top 10 Must Haves. If you enjoyed reading this please don't be shy to comment to let me know, it makes me super happy when you do and I'm sure it would make a touch of everything happy also!  *hint* *hint* *nudge* *nudge*
Good bye for now my lovelys,
Charlotte xX

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Smokey eyed makeup look

I decided to mess around with some makeup and do a Smokey eye look. All the products I have used will all be named, just incase you like what ya see ;)

On My Face
  • L'oreal Lumni Magique primer
  • Essence Stay Natural concealer in no 03
  • L'oreal Infallible 24H foundation in natural rose
  • Me me me Flawless Loose Powder
  • Essence Blondes Bronzer in no 01
  • Essence Silky Touch Blush in no 40

  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
  • Urban Decay Naked Palette using the shades Half Baked and Gunmetal
  • Urban Decay Naked Palette Gunmetal on corners of the water line & half baked meeting up halfway
  • Benefit High Beam highlighter
  • NYC HD Color palette on brows 
  • Maybeline Great Lash Mascara

  • Essence Lip Stick in no 01 Coral Calling

Hope this post is a little bit more interesting than the last one, this is only short & sweet to try and make up for the previous blog post.
Thanks for reading
Charlotte xX


Hi everyone,
At the moment I have seriously got a bad case of writers block! I don't know what to talk about that may be interesting and also have lost all motivation to try and come up with something fun and original, it's the same with my YouTube videos. I want to make one, cause it's been over a week now, but have lost all motivation as I feel like all the ideas I do come up with are rubbish and boring.
I was going to do a either a hair or makeup tutorial but then kept thinkong, I'm no good at hair or makeup so what's the point in putting in so much effort when I'll think it looks crap in the end.
Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love writing and making videos, it makes me unbelievably so happy when I see your comments and views, so it makes me cross/sad when I can't come up with anything.
So I'm sorry if this is not the best blog post but I feel like it's slightly better than nothing and I also like to keep you updated with my life and how I am feeling.
I won't be mad if you don't read this, I just feel better to get my thoughts out there.
To brighten up the mood a little I will leave a song that I feel is fitting.
Thanks guys,

Charlotte xX

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Pop art/comic book makeup

I decided to do a pop art/comic book themed makeup tutorial.
I have done this once before and on a first try it turned out actually really good. I will go through the steps to achieve this look.
Side note, obviously this is something for a fancy dress or themed party, this isn't for a everyday look.
Start off with a clean bare face, tie hair back off face as you don't really want any face paints getting in your hair.

I start off by using white face paint, I simply just get a sponge slightly dip it in some water and then apply face paint to the sponge and directly onto the entire face. Make sure to blend into hairline and ears. When you've achieved the ghost look get a small paint brush and fill in the eyebrows with black face paint, you'll want to make these slightly more dramatic than normal. You'll then need to outline a few facial features such as, two lines between eyebrows, a thin line down the bridge of the noes, curved line around nostrils, outline the lips, draw a curve over the crease of the chin. Then outline all around the hairline, inside and around ears and jawline.
You will look very creepy to start off with, as I did here.

After you've outlined some of the facial features you're now going to get the end of a brush, dip it into red face paint and dot in lines to cover entire face, you do not need to cover eyelids in dots.
This stage may take a while, patience is key.

After this stage is complete, sticking with red, simply fill in the lips but try and leave a little space to fill in with white.
Next the eyes, you're going to want to use liquid eyeliner to line the top lid with the cat eye style. For eye shadow you're going to want to use a block colour. Apply liner to the water line also.
Lastly apply black mascara to open the eyes a bit more. If you're feeling really adventurous add false lashes for a bigger bolder look.
So there you go, thus is how you achieve the pop art/comic book style look.
Hope this was in anyway interesting and helpful. Please also let me know if you wanna see me do a video tutorial of this.
Charlotte xX

Friday, 11 July 2014

D.I.Y Orange Candle

Hi guys,
This is my little D.I.Y blog post where I turn a normal orange into a zesty candle. This is super easy and only takes around 10 minutes.
To do this you will need:
  • One orange
  • Knife
  • Olive oil
  • Lighter or match

Okay so you start off by getting your orange

with the knife cut all around the middle of the orange, but do not go further than the orange itself.

After it is fully sliced all the way around gently peel the skin off using your thumb. You will need to keep the stalk of the orange attached to the skin as this will act as the wick.

Next get your oil and pour in the skin with the stalk, make sure you dip the stalk into the oil. Let it soak for a few moments.

While waiting for the oil to soak take the other half of the orange and carefully cut a hole at the top this part of the skin will be the lid to your candle.

Once done light the orange stalk, and voila there you have it!

Now all you have to do is sit back and enjoy it's zesty aromas!
Hope you enjoyed this blog post,
Talk soon
Charlotte xX

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

My Everyday Makeup Routine

For my everyday makeup I like to try and keep it light, simple and not too over dramatic.
I start things off with a clean bare face. I then go ahead and moisturise my skin. This is the most important step in my opinion as it puts lost moisture back into the skin. I also find that makeup sits better when moisturised.

After I have moisturised I will apply concealer on the dark circles around my eyes and on any imperfections/blemishes I may have on that day. I then just lightly pat it onto and around the areas where have been applied.
I was using the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer, but sadly ran out. So I am currently using Essence Stay Natural concealer in number 03 soft nude.

I then apply my foundation with a flat faced brush in a downward motion so that foundation doesn't get caught in the little baby hairs. I blend all the way to my ears, hair line and neck/jawline.
I am using the L'oreal Infallible 24H foundation in 125/ natural rose.
May I also note, this smells like summer!

Next I will go ahead with eyes, I will firstly apply Urban Decays Eye Primer Potion and then sticking with Urban Decay, use the Naked one pallet. Going for quite a soft natural look I would use Virgin mixed with Sin.

I then will use a little bit of highlighter on the brow bone, I use Benefits High Beam

After the eye shadow is applied I will then apply mascara on top and slightly on lower lashes, I find this gives me more of a open eye look, as I have quite long and thick eyelashes.
I am using Maybelines Great Lash mascara in colour blackest black.


BROWS my eyebrows are so important to me, I can't go anywhere without filling them in, I use eye shadow to fill them in, I use NYC HD Colour in number 815 Best of Broadway. I mix two colours together as I feel this gives me the best result with matching the colour of my brows. I use a angled brush to do this.

After the eyes are all done I will quickly powder  my face with Me Me Me Flawless Loose Powder. This just sets my foundation and gets rid of any oiliness.

I will then throw on some bronzer on the cheekbones to just inject some colour into my face. I am using Essence Matt Bronzing Powder in number 01 natural. Unfortunately I dropped it and now it has formed into a crumbly powder, it still does the trick though!

Last but not least I will apply some lippie to make my lips stand out. I am using an Essence lip stick in number 01 and it is called Coral Calling.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post.
Talk soon
Charlotte xX